Field Data Collection.

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The Brazil Panels provides data collection services in the area of market research, we have the best methodology to be applied until the delivery of data. Your project will be conducted by the bigger and better data collection structure of Brazil.

We'll lead your project with agility, commitment, organization and accountability. We guarantee that your project is delivered with the best quality and data-gathering criteria in market research.

We have a team of highly qualified and trained to conduct all types of data collection.

All stages of your project are monitored by a management system that lets you view your project phase, enabling a quick update of Status Reports.

The Brazil Panels have all solutions in market research.
  • Encoding
  • Typing
  • Analysis of data consistency
  • Tab
  • Data Processing
  • Statistical tests
  • Tables (ASC, XLSX, TXT)
  • Database Modeling (SAV, EXCEL, DBF, MDB, DAT, ASC/ASCII, binary)
  • Data Cleaning
  • Creation of Questionnaires


The Brazil Panels provides a team for the coding of open-ended questions. Transformation of open answers collected during field in numerical codes, with the purpose of organizing and interpreting the data of the sentences.


All survey data are processed using the most current technology for processing and data analysis. The tab of the data is done using specific software for editing, cleaning validation, and processing of results of research.