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Read more about our Online Panel in Brazil.

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Brazil Panels has a team specialized in panels, ensuring the highest rates of responses, with a low wear of respondents ensuring longevity.
Respondents are fully involved and like to participate in expressing their opinions spontaneous and honest with intention to improve products and services.

We have reviewed our recruitment from various sources and we have partnerships with some portals specific issues resulting in a diversity of profiles of our panelists.

All Panelists must provide different information such as demographic information, finance, transport, health, welfare, pets, etc.

Anyone who has access to our panel will pass by checking the Check Respondents logging all validations needed for activation of your registration, then you must accept the terms, conditions and privacy policy.

  • We make an approach as the region's culture and target audience.
  • Our recruitment is done from various sources by avoiding trends that occur with a single source.
  • We have a large number of active contributors on our online panel.
  • With our specialized profiles we get accurate selections of segmentation.
  • We manage all our online panel and remove the inactive members and fraudulent.
  • The whole profile is renewed automatically after a period of time.