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Our database is composed with more than 700,000 active users and highly compromised.

We have adopted a highly qualified approach and offer the most complete range of Online search services, always customized according to your needs.

Our team is formed by specialists in marketing, anthropologist, digital marketing, market research and technology, with local experience and global knowledge of best practices.

Our experience shows that the Online survey produces excellent results with a minimal cost, we know how to obtain significant results for their projects.

Questionnaires of research currently require a complex logic, changes in patterns and integration of new technologies, including flash, 3D, audio and video. Our team of technology and development of questionnaires are certified professionals, guaranteeing greater agility and a result fully consistent.

We develop, manage and host their search, always keeping the best costs.

Advantages of online research with Brazil Panels:

  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Longer range
  • Low cost of implementation
  • Automated reports
  • Speed data collection
  • Largest number of respondents
  • Better geographic distribution
  • Real-time search results
  • Complexity quickly and intuitively to respondents
  • Security

We take all privacy laws and requirements, as well as industry associations of relations with media (Esomar, Casro, Mrs).