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The Brazil Panels has a team of highly skilled programmers and certificates with goal of serving our customers.

Questionnaires of research currently require a complex logic, changes in patterns and integration of new technologies, including flash, 3D, audio and video. Our team of technology and development of questionnaires guarantees greater agility and a result fully consistent to your projects.

Schedule your questionnaire so that it is applied in an easy, intuitive and playful. Facilitating and creating an expectation in all respondents.

A questionnaire and programmed by expert guarantees total consistency causing respondents express their ideas and opinions so much more spontaneous, intuitive and clear.

All questionnaires are programmed by our team of professionals undergo rigorous testing. We use a standard W3C World Wide Web Consortium ", all questionnaires can be applied on any platform or browser. You can use our online questionnaire, Cati, Mobile, Ipad, Mac, PC, Windows, Linux, etc.

You can use one of our models already programmed and apply a search online with your customers or users.

See some of our models:
  • Customer feedback questionnaire
  • Product feedback questionnaire
  • Employee satisfaction questionnaire
  • Performance analysis questionnaires
  • Event questionnaires
  • Education questionnaires
  • Non-profit questionnaires

To use one of our upcoming questionnaires templates click here and fill in the requested data.