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We have a Global experience and local knowledge of the culture of the Brazilian people, ensuring quality in the responses. The Brazil has a great diversity of cultures, such as: language, clothing, typical foods, traditions, rules, values and organization of society. With large differences in cohabitation, ideas and features defining levels of specificity, the Brazil has Multiculturalism many cultures in one location, without which one predominates, but separated geographically.

Brazil Panels Check Respondents verifies the integrity of respondents. The Check Respondents is a critical process for quality online data collection.

All projects are conducted with the most advanced security systems, validations and verifications. We guarantee the identity of participants and full data integrity.

  • All participants with Double Opt-in.
  • We use our panel only for carrying out market research.
  • All registration is verified with a Captcha validation.
  • Real-time scan of invalid or duplicate Emails.
  • IP address verification.
  • Detection of proxy server, used to mask the IP itself.

We use a worldwide standard of verification market leader of online surveys.

We take all privacy laws and requirements, as well as industry associations of relations with media (Esomar, Casro, Mrs).